Inspiring Reads: March 2019

Although I previously wrote about reducing commitments at work, this month I have been taking on more than might be healthy. I became a trainer for other providers at my facility, am becoming certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, am helping the Cancer Committee reach goals for our facility, and (foolishly) agreed to give multiple presentations. My stress level is reaching it’s max!  This month I was particularly inspired by readings about decisions we make in our career, doing meaningful work, and, of course, pursuing financial independence.

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Do You Really Need That Refrigerator?

In 2016, 23% of American households had not one, but two refrigerators. Many people in this world have compact refrigerators, many others have no refrigeration at all. Yet here in the USA, people spend thousands of dollars on a huge appliance that runs 24 hours a day to keep their food chilled. (See Dollar Street for fascinating pictures from around the world of refrigerators based on income). This got me thinking, do we really need that refrigerator?

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Portion Distortion: Are You Spending Money on More Food Than You Need?

As humans, we are programmed to be scared of scarcity. We think that more is better. In times of famine, those with more reserves are more likely to survive. But in times of abundance, excess can actually contribute to our demise. Yet our fear of not having enough has led us into financial debt and physical obesity.

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How Much Money Can You Save on Meatless Meals?

The new Planetary Health Diet is getting a lot of attention. It’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet. Scientists argue that by reducing our consumption of meat and sugar by 50% and eating more plant-based foods, we may extend our lives and the life of the planet. I recently switched to a plant-centered diet, and I’ve saved money in the process. Even if you aren’t vegetarian, you may be thinking about eating more fruits and vegetables. Today, we compare costs to see how much money you can save on meatless versions of 6 of our favorite dishes.

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How to Eat Healthy While Dining Out

While most people say they view going out to eat as a “treat,” in reality Americans go out to eat an average of 4-5 times a week. Even the most inexpensive fast food is more expensive than preparing comparable meals at home. Our habit of dining out can have a major effect on our food budget, as well as our health. So how do we eat healthy while dining out?

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My First (and Maybe Last) “No-Spend” Month: Victories and Lessons Learned

My friend Stephanie M. recently challenged herself to a no-spend month. I’ve thought about doing a no-spend month, but live so frugally my husband would balk at the thought of cutting back even more. So I am living and learning vicariously through Stephanie. I am excited to share her hilarious and inspiring guest post. Continue reading My First (and Maybe Last) “No-Spend” Month: Victories and Lessons Learned

Best Vegetarian Restaurant Meals

Whether to save money, save a life, save the planet, or for religious reasons, many people are choosing to go meatless. But just because you aren’t eating meat doesn’t mean you’re limited to the salad menu. Here are some vegetarian meals that are so mouth-watering that you won’t even notice they don’t have meat.

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Snack Attack!

When I hear people saying (and truly thinking) their kids “need” crackers and “need” juice and “need” cows’ milk, I have to bite my tongue. What we need is more fruits and vegetables. Yet through marketing and conditioning we’ve come to believe that when you’re hungry, you grab a snickers. Our food should not come from vending machines or drive-thrus. So what is a smart snack?

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