Do You Really Need That Refrigerator?

In 2016, 23% of American households had not one, but two refrigerators. Many people in this world have compact refrigerators, many others have no refrigeration at all. Yet here in the USA, people spend thousands of dollars on a huge appliance that runs 24 hours a day to keep their food chilled. (See Dollar Street for fascinating pictures from around the world of refrigerators based on income). This got me thinking, do we really need that refrigerator?

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DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is huge in my family. Not only do the kids want costumes for trick-or-treating, but school has the Character Parade during which they dress up like a character from a book. Of course, the kids want different costumes for their character parade and trick-or-treating. I’m not about to buy two costumes each year. But I don’t sew. So we’ve started to get creative making DIY Halloween costumes with items we already had.

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