How Much Money Can You Save on Meatless Meals?

The new Planetary Health Diet is getting a lot of attention. It’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet. Scientists argue that by reducing our consumption of meat and sugar by 50% and eating more plant-based foods, we may extend our lives and the life of the planet. I recently switched to a plant-centered diet, and I’ve saved money in the process. Even if you aren’t vegetarian, you may be thinking about eating more fruits and vegetables. Today, we compare costs to see how much money you can save on meatless versions of 6 of our favorite dishes.

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How to Eat Healthy While Dining Out

While most people say they view going out to eat as a “treat,” in reality Americans go out to eat an average of 4-5 times a week. Even the most inexpensive fast food is more expensive than preparing comparable meals at home. Our habit of dining out can have a major effect on our food budget, as well as our health. So how do we eat healthy while dining out?

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My First (and Maybe Last) “No-Spend” Month: Victories and Lessons Learned

My friend Stephanie M. recently challenged herself to a no-spend month. I’ve thought about doing a no-spend month, but live so frugally my husband would balk at the thought of cutting back even more. So I am living and learning vicariously through Stephanie. I am excited to share her hilarious and inspiring guest post. Continue reading My First (and Maybe Last) “No-Spend” Month: Victories and Lessons Learned

Best Vegetarian Restaurant Meals

Whether to save money, save a life, save the planet, or for religious reasons, many people are choosing to go meatless. But just because you aren’t eating meat doesn’t mean you’re limited to the salad menu. Here are some vegetarian meals that are so mouth-watering that you won’t even notice they don’t have meat.

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Is Homemade Food Really Cheaper?

We all assume that preparing items at home not only saves money, but can also be so much healthier than buying prepared items. Many people say they don’t know how to cook or don’t have the time. As a working mom with three small children who can’t even boil water, I am telling you that if I can do it anyone can. Here we share recipes and cost-comparisons for 10 easy to make items at home.

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‘Planetary Health Diet’ Grocery Haul

We eat a lot of food. Yet we are as unhealthy as ever. The problem is we are overconsuming unhealthy foods and not eating enough nutritious foods. A recent study suggest that if we as a planet adopt a new dietary pattern, we could all be healthier. This ‘Planetary Health Diet’ would not only reduce morality, but also result in more sustainable food systems, and reduce the environmental impact of food production. I argue that a plant-based diet may even be less expensive than one centered around meats and processed foods. This week I tried applying the recommendations of ‘The Planetary Health Diet’ to see how it would look in my life.

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5 Easy Desserts To Make For Your Love

Everyone knows the best part of any special meal is the dessert. Sure you can pick up some overpriced treat that has a laundry list of ingredients and preservatives. But wouldn’t your sweetheart enjoy something that you made yourself with love rather than something that’s been sitting on the shelf at the store? In addition to scoring brownie points for your effort, making your own dessert will also be a fraction of the cost. Here are 5 easy to prepare desserts to make for the ones you love.

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9 Ways to Upcycle Boring Leftovers

If you’re like me, there’s a set of staple foods that you tend to eat over and over. But even our favorite dishes get boring. Rather than eating the same thing over again, re-think leftovers. Upcycling dinner can save time and money while reducing food waste. Here are 9 ways to transform your dishes.

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How to Start Decluttering: Pantry Clutter

What’s the oldest item in your pantry? If I don’t clean out my kitchen regularly, things can be there for years. As part of the decluttering process, don’t forget about cleaning out your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Not only can this help make for a cleaner, less cluttered home, but you may also reduce food waste and save money on your grocery bill.

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