Soup Up Your Life!

During the Fall and Winter months my family enjoys a hot, satisfying pot of soup at least once a week. But canned soups are full of sodium and quite frankly aren’t that tasty. We’ve been making our own soups for years. We were spending $6 a week on broth alone. Then we learned the trick of saving vegetable scraps to make our own stock. This has shaved $24 a month off our grocery bill! It’s also healthier and more flavorful. Here is how we make our broth, as well as our healthy, cost-effective soup recipes.
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Chili Cook-Off

Every year at the Fall Festival the PTA holds its ever-competitive chili cook-off. Last year, a close friend asked if we were going to try her “chili.” We felt compelled to not only try out her creation but to purchase a sampler platter so we could vote for our favorite. As it turned out our friend’s “chili” was the only one that was even remotely edible. So this year we decided to forgo the sampler platter and jump into the fray of the PTA chili cook-off! Continue reading Chili Cook-Off

They Put What In Candy Corn?

With Halloween right around the corner, Americans will purchase 600 million pounds of candy. The most popular candy bought during the Halloween season is my personal favorite Candy Corn. Candy Corn is the most divisive candy there is -you either LOVE it or HATE it! I have always loved it and its many iterations, but after watching an old episode of Good Eats I found out what it was made of. Here are some Halloween treats (and one trick) you can make at home.

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Grocery Haul: $60.43 for Family of 5!

A guilty pleasure of mine is looking in people’s grocery carts. We’ve received a lot of great reactions to our budget of $100 per person per month for food. Some people have asked for specifics of what this looks like for our weekly shopping and meal plan. So here it is. This week, we followed the plan laid out in our previous post and only spent $60.43 on our grocery haul! And we had plenty of food left over! Here’s a peek into both my pantry and my grocery cart.
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My Month of Eating Junk: Is Fast Food Really Cheaper?

The average American eats fast food an estimated three times per week. This month, my family experimented with being normal. We ate fast food during weekend days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and a holiday off work) for an entire month. We recorded the effects it had on our wallets (and my waistline). Is fast food really cheaper than homemade meals?

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Don’t Throw That Out, I’ll Eat it!

I’m not freegan kidding. Today’s Food Finances Friday is about saving bread and reducing waste. It is estimated that food waste in the US is between 30% – 40%, or about a pound of food per person a day! I have found simple food storage hacks that can help reduce the amount of food we throw away due to spoilage.
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They Put What In Cheese?

It’s Friday, so that means another Food Finances Friday. I once read an article about a strange ingredient in a certain fast food’s chili. It was silicon dioxide, a.k.a SAND! It is used as an anticaking agent and filler. This got me wondering: what other strange ingredients are in food I regularly buy? After reading this article you might just change your shopping habits! Continue reading They Put What In Cheese?

Secret Ingredient for Low Cost Meals

I love saving money on food. But with a busy life, I don’t have much time for meal planning. Recently, I found a secret ingredient to lower my grocery bill without clipping coupons, matching prices, or shopping at crowded (and expensive) warehouse clubs. It’s Buy One Get One (BOGO) free deals!

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