Easy Homemade Breakfast Ideas

Christmas is almost here. The stress and excitement are reaching a crescendo. When the big day arrives I want to spend the morning with my children, not in the kitchen. In fact, I don’t like to cook at all on Christmas. It’s one of only 3 days of the year I take a day off from cooking. So I make breakfast the night before and pop it in the oven first thing in the morning. Here are some ideas for easy breakfasts you can make at home for your family on Christmas, or any day.

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Why Santa Doesn’t Come to My House

If you celebrate Christmas, chances are you have childhood memories of Santa. Many people have memories of screaming and crying at the sight of this jolly old elf. Yet those same people are surprised to hear that I have decided not to invite Santa into our home. Here’s why Santa is not a part of Christmas for my children.

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Inspiring Reads: Holiday Edition 2018

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! As we are in the middle of this holiday season, it’s important to keep sight of what’s truly important: Family, Values, Beliefs, Traditions and of course the Food! Here are some inspiring reads to help us keep things in perspective this holiday season.

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How I’ve Dealt with Depression During the Holidays

Many people experience depression during the holidays. You may be surprised to learn that I’m one of them. Each year, I become incredibly sad this time of year. I tend to spend a day in bed, feeling empty, and crying. For me, it’s not about Christmas, but my birthday. There is this overwhelming feeling of loneliness that takes over. Last year was the first time I didn’t feel this way. I made a conscious decision to do something different. Here’s how I actively managed my depression.

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8 Party Foods to Please Any Crowd

‘Tis the season for parties. Whether you will be hosting or attending a get-together, chances are you are thinking about the food. It’s the most important part of any occasion. Here are 8 foods you can bring to any party that are sure to be crowd pleasers, and 3 things to leave at home.

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Are you Wasting Money on Unwanted Gifts?

Are you one of the thousands of people going into debt to spend money on unwanted gifts? Most people will receive a gift this year that they do not want. We could all take a lesson from minimalists and rethink the way we view stuff. Here are some gift ideas inspired by minimalists that others may appreciate (and some gifts that I would avoid buying).

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Why I Stopped Budgeting for Gifts to Save Money

Many people ask how much they should budget for gifts. This way of thinking can be dangerous. If you have a budget, you are likely to spend all that you had planned, and probably more. Instead of making a budget, I found it helpful to make a list and stick to it. A good rule for kids is one thing they want, one they need, one to wear, and one to read.

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10 Gifts That Save Money

If you know someone who is frugal, minimalist, zero-waste, or just practical, chances are you struggle to find them a gift that they will love and is consistent with their values. One thing everyone has in common is that we all love to save money. Gift cards are great, but I feel awkward exchanging envelopes during the holidays. Here are 10 gifts that people will love and can save them money.

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