Best Vegetarian Restaurant Meals

Whether to save money, save a life, save the planet, or for religious reasons, many people are choosing to go meatless. But just because you aren’t eating meat doesn’t mean you’re limited to the salad menu. Here are some vegetarian meals that are so mouth-watering that you won’t even notice they don’t have meat.

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How 5 People Live Off 1 Income: February 2019 Expenses

February is usually a month when we are able to get our finances back on track. The holidays are over and 4 out of the 5 birthdays in my house were celebrated in January. But just as that dust was starting to settle, the service engine light started blinking on my 15-year-old car! How does my family of 5 live off one income? Here are our expenses for February 2019.

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How to Eat Food: Making Sense of Food Labels

Saving money is one of my goals. Improving my health is another. These two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, eating a healthy, low-added sugar diet can be very affordable. In this post we talk about reading food labels and eating real food.

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Simple Steps for Better Health

As a Health Psychologist, I wholeheartedly believe that exercise is one of the best medicines for the body and the mind. And you don’t need to buy any equipment or pay for a gym membership or class to do it. The problem is, I am a couch potato and have never been one to workout. Week 2 of my wellness class was all about physical activity. This includes exercise as well as increased movement in general. Here’s a summary of what I learned, how I applied it to my own life, and how I lost 7 pounds in two weeks!

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Mom is “Lazy”: Thoughts on Stay-At-Home Parenting

When my son said I was “lazy” because all I do is work, it broke my heart. My husband has been a stay-at-home dad for the past 9 years while I have been the sole earner for our family of 5. My kids see daddy cooking, mowing the yard, cleaning the pool, going to the store, helping with homework, and taking them to their activities. I am lazy because I go to work.

In this two-part series, we share our experiences having a stay-at-home parent. In Part 1, I share the pros and cons (both financially and otherwise) from my perspective as a working mom.
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Is Your Diet Eating At You?

As a Health Psychologist, I know a thing or two about diet, exercise, stress management, and most importantly behavior change. However, even I needed a little help getting back into shape after a stressful few months. So I enrolled in a 12-week wellness class. Follow my journey on the new Wellness Wednesday feature as I summarize what I learn each week and how I implemented it into my own life. Week 1 is Nutrition Basics during which we learned about the SAD Standard American Diet.

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28 Ideas for Free Romantic Dates

When my husband and I started dating, we were young and broke. Many months he could not even make his rent payment, forget spending money on dates. Yet that didn’t stop us from spending every moment together. Fast forward 20 years. We are happily married with three kids. Although our income is higher, we still don’t spend money on gifts or date nights. We don’t need to spend money to enjoy each other’s company or show our love. Here are 28 ideas for romantic dates that don’t cost any money.

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