How to Get a Doctorate in Psychology for Free

If you are thinking about a career in psychology, read this before applying to grad school. Knowing which types of programs offer tuition waivers and stipends, and how to get into these programs, can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars! Some people can get a doctorate in psychology for free!

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Applying to College: What my parents didn’t teach me about money

This is the first in a series of posts about saving money on higher education costs. Today we will focus on what you should consider before applying to college. Next week’s posts will talk about what you need to know before applying to graduate school. Continue reading Applying to College: What my parents didn’t teach me about money

Suicide and Debt

This blog post is part of the 3rd Annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Month blog tour. If you are having thoughts about killing yourself, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741.

Today (September 10) is World Suicide Prevention Day. As a clinical psychologist, I take suicide seriously. I was saddened to hear thatĀ “I want to kill myself because of debt” was a top search on another personal finance blog.

While many bloggers will be bringing awareness to suicide and debt, as a clinician I hope my contribution will be to discuss suicide prevention.

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Which Benefits Should I Sign Up for at Work?

With so many different types of insurances and retirement plans, it may seem like you need a Master’s degree to make sense of them all. If you are wondering which benefits you should sign up for at work, read this first! I have some tips that might surprise you.

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3 Most Inspirational Personal Finance Posts on the Internet

You’ve been thinking about making changes to save more money. Getting motivated to actually take action, and knowing how to start, those are the hard parts. Here are 3 of the most inspirational personal finance posts on the internet. They are guaranteed to make you think differently about money, and open your eyes to how small changes can make a HUGE impact on your life and your finances. Continue reading 3 Most Inspirational Personal Finance Posts on the Internet

How to Make More Money

After you’ve cut back all the expenses you can (or are willing to), you may still need to make more money. Whether you’re looking to reduce debt, or just add things to your life that move you closer to your values (e.g., travel, wedding, fun activities), there comes a time when it may be helpful to switch mindsets from “what else can I cut?” to “how can I make more money?”

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My Friend Has A Stalker!

A friend confided that one of her patients is stalking her. In addition to knowing where she worked, he found out her home address and cell phone number. A restraining order is in effect, but that doesn’t help to reduce her fear.

This got me thinking, if I found out someone was stalking me, what would I do different? Why wait until after someone has already begun stalking me to make those changes? By that time, it might be too late. Continue reading My Friend Has A Stalker!

Expenses from Post-Doc to Current Day

In the last post, I shared my family’s actual expenses for Q1 and Q2 of this year. For the current post, I compared some of my basic expenses from my first year of post-doc to my current expenses 8 years later. Within that time, our family grew from 3 people to 5, and we moved from a two-bed/one-bath apartment to a four-bed/two-bath house.

So how did I do at avoiding lifestyle inflation? Here are my numbers as a percent of take-home pay.

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The Debt Shrink’s Story

Internship was a Tough Year

I just moved to a new state for internship. My husband left his job to move with me. When we arrived I found out that I was pregnant (panic!). After 5 years of graduate school, would I be able to graduate? How would I pay the medical bills? We had no family nearby – who would help with the baby? Continue reading The Debt Shrink’s Story

Budgeting for Post-Doc and Early Career

Post-doc can be one of the most financially challenging times in your life. You’ll be making more money than in grad school, but not as much as a staff position. Student loan payments start six months after graduation and you will have a number of other expenses as you start your career.

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