You’re Not a Failure, You Just Need SMARTER Goals

By January 9th, most people have already given up their New Years Resolutions. While you may rank resolutions for improving your finances or health high on your list of importance, chances are they’re not quite as high on your list of motivation. To set ourselves up for success, it’s crucial that we have a plan on how we will reach our goals. You may have heard about SMART goals, but if you really want to implement change, set SMARTER goals.

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10 Healthy Changes That Can Save You Money

Being sick is expensive! If you’re thinking about making changes in your life that will save you money, consider cutting back on unhealthy habits and increasing healthy ones. Here are the 10 leading causes of death in the USA, and 10 healthy changes you can make that will also save you money.

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Why I Stopped Budgeting for Gifts to Save Money

Many people ask how much they should budget for gifts. This way of thinking can be dangerous. If you have a budget, you are likely to spend all that you had planned, and probably more. Instead of making a budget, I found it helpful to make a list and stick to it. A good rule for kids is one thing they want, one they need, one to wear, and one to read.

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10 Gifts That Save Money

If you know someone who is frugal, minimalist, zero-waste, or just practical, chances are you struggle to find them a gift that they will love and is consistent with their values. One thing everyone has in common is that we all love to save money. Gift cards are great, but I feel awkward exchanging envelopes during the holidays. Here are 10 gifts that people will love and can save them money.

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7 Things I Don’t Buy for the Holidays

The day after Halloween, one of our local radio stations switched to 24/7 Christmas music. The day after Veteran’s Day, our nation’s flag was replaced with wreaths all around the city. It’s not even Thanksgiving, yet Christmas trees are on display at the mall and holiday music is playing throughout stores. Instead of getting me into the “holiday spirit,” it’s getting me disappointed in the commercialization of our holidays. While I love giving my children gifts for Christmas, here are 7 things I don’t buy for the holidays.

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Save Money, Save the World

How did it ever become okay to use something once then, throw it away? The answer: great marketing because it makes companies money.

Companies make more money when they are able to sell a product every week, month, or year than if they only sell it to you once. In addition to the financial cost, there is also the cost to our planet. Most things I used once and threw away will still be on this earth long after I am gone. This is not okay. Become a hero for our planet and save money by saying no to single use items.
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To Sell or Donate?

I get giddy over community yard sale day. Just as I love looking into people’s grocery carts, I also love walking around my neighborhood and looking at all the stuff for sale that people let into their lives that’s no longer of use. I actually get disappointed when I miss this day. But this year I tried something new. Instead of donating it, I tried to sell stuff I don’t need. How did it go? Is it better to sell or donate?

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