Expenses from Post-Doc to Current Day

In the last post, I shared my family’s actual expenses for Q1 and Q2 of this year. For the current post, I compared some of my basic expenses from my first year of post-doc to my current expenses 8 years later. Within that time, our family grew from 3 people to 5, and we moved from a two-bed/one-bath apartment to a four-bed/two-bath house.

So how did I do at avoiding lifestyle inflation? Here are my numbers as a percent of take-home pay.

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The Debt Shrink’s Story

Internship was a Tough Year

I just moved to a new state for internship. My husband left his job to move with me. When we arrived I found out that I was pregnant (panic!). After 5 years of graduate school, would I be able to graduate? How would I pay the medical bills? We had no family nearby – who would help with the baby? Continue reading The Debt Shrink’s Story

Free Events: Museum Day and Every Kid in a Park

Maybe you’ve recently moved to a new area and want to explore the city for free with your equally broke friends. Maybe you have a large family and even relatively inexpensive activities turn into fifty dollars for you all to just walk through the door. Or maybe you’ve been living a Fancy Pants lifestyle and are getting bored with the high-priced trendy speakeasies and want to experience what it’s like in the exciting life of the Debt Shrink. Continue reading Free Events: Museum Day and Every Kid in a Park