Lessons from Running My First 5K

As someone who falls down stairs, trips on even surfaces, and breaks toes getting into bed, I’ve never been what you might call athletic. When friends have asked me to go running in the past, I scoffed at the idea. I thought that I was physically incapable of surviving a jog. Why would anyone want to run, anyway? But I just ran my first 5K at age 40!

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How I Lost 20 Pounds in 15 Weeks

The $60 billion dollar weight loss industry has taken a hit as more people pass on diet products and instead choose to eat healthier foods. Forget pills, gym memberships, or diet foods. I lost 20 pounds (and gained flat abs and firm thighs) through simple yet powerful lifestyle changes. And it didn’t cost me a cent. In fact, I saved money. So how did I lose 20 pounds in 15 weeks?

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If Mindfulness Is Simple, Then Why Can’t I Relax?

Have you tried practicing mindfulness only to find that you can’t relax and your mind won’t stop thinking? Chances are you’re doing it right. Mindfulness isn’t just about feeling relaxed or stopping your thoughts, it’s about being aware of our experiences in the present. So what is the difference between relaxation, distraction, and mindfulness? And how do I know if I’m doing it “right”?

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How Much is Stress Costing You?

In honor of Psychology Recognition Week, this post is reminder of the need for each of us to care for ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. In a society where there’s a pill for almost everything, we tend to look for quick fixes to our problems. But even when we can take a pill, in most cases the underlying causes of our problems remain. If we want our situations to change and health to improve, then we need to do something different. This is especially true for managing stress.

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We’ve Been Falling For The Biggest Myth About Food!

You can lose weight and live healthfully without joining a gym, taking pills, or paying for a meal plan. Rather than costing money, living a healthier lifestyle can actually save money. There are many myths about foods. Here we tackle one of the biggest myths: that carbs are the enemy.

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How to Overcome Challenges

Getting rid of my student loans, paying down my mortgage, losing 20 pounds, running a 5K – each of these goals at one time seemed like they were too big for me to ever accomplish. There were times when I felt hopeless and wanted to give up, especially when I faced a setback. But in each case I kept moving forward, and it paid off! Today we tackle techniques for overcoming challenges.

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