20 Embarrassing Ways To Save Money

Now for some fun! I previously wrote about some of the extreme things I do to save money. But full disclosure, there are some things I omitted out of embarrassment. Today I will share some of my secrets interspersed with some of the extreme things I’ve heard others do to save a buck. What do you think about these embarrassing ways to save money?

Note: This list in no way implies you should use any of these techniques to save money. Rather, they are some of the more embarrassing things I (or others) have done to save a buck or do.

Embarrassing Ways to Save Money

  1. Buying (unused) gifts for people I don’t like at the thrift store.
  2. Sharing bathwater with spouse and/or little kids.
  3. Jumping in the pool rather than taking a shower.
  4. Washing hair 1-2 times a week to save on shampoo.
  5. Only bathing little kids three days a week (or unless needed).
  6. Always keeping a bucket by the sink and under the hose to collect unused/un-drank water for watering plants.
  7. If it’s yellow, let it mellow.
  8. Taking rolls of toilet paper from hotel rooms.
  9. Instead of buying trash bags, putting waste in plastic grocery bags. Each time you leave the house, take the bag with you and throw it away in a store’s trash can.
  10. Planning fun day for kids around what you have a free coupon for.
  11. Going out to eat with husband on days kids are at school to avoid having to buy their meal(s).
  12. Your kids think going out to eat is a vacation.
  13. While at a theme park, noshing on the free pickles from the condiment bar rather than buying food.
  14. Swimming in underwear rather than buying new bathing suit.
  15. Wearing underwear with holes in them.
  16. Reusing unsoiled disposable swim diapers.
  17. Wearing disposable contact lenses until they tear or disintegrate in my eye rather than replacing after the recommended 2-weeks.
  18. Treating most single-use products as though they are reusable.
  19. When offered free food, eat as much as possible to save on the next meal.
  20. Disregarding expiration dates and using texture, smell, and common sense instead.

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What are some of the most embarrassing things you’ve done to save money?

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