How to Make More Money

After you’ve cut back all the expenses you can (or are willing to), you may still need to make more money. Whether you’re looking to reduce debt, or just add things to your life that move you closer to your values (e.g., travel, wedding, fun activities), there comes a time when it may be helpful to switch mindsets from “what else can I cut?” to “how can I make more money?”

Happy Labor Day! This post was inspired by a reader who shared his story. He is a father of three whose day job reduced employees’ salaries substantially to avoid layoffs. After cutting every expense he could, he realized that it still wasn’t enough. He needed to make more money. He started by selling his possessions, then moved on to creating products to sell, and then began an internet-based  business. Currently, he is making more money on his side jobs than he does at his day job! Now if there’s something he wants, he doesn’t think about what he needs to cut to afford it, he asks himself how he can make more money. 

If your training program or employer won’t allow you to have another job, or you are already working long hours, and/or you have young children, you may think that you can’t take on another job. But it is possible for you to find a way to make more money.

The fact is, even if it’s not an official “job,” there are plenty of ways you can make more money.

Sell everything that doesn’t add value to your life

Furniture you don’t use

Clothes you no longer wear

Anything you have more than one of

Video games


Cars you can’t afford

Anything you’ve purchased a newer version of

Everything that’s been sitting in a box or your closet for a year

Books you won’t read again/Study materials you  no longer need

Use your skills

Tutor (Zach from Four Pillar Freedom made $1,000 in one month tutoring statistics)

Teach at a test-prep center

Write a book

Become a consultant

Make instructional videos

Teach on-line or evening college classes

Find a colleague who is looking for an assistant or for help on a project

Look for part-time openings at crisis centers, programs for those with physical or mental disabilities, or hospitals/Emergency Departments*

Provide clinical supervision for trainees*

Conduct psychoeducational (e.g., gifted) assessments for children*

Rent space from a colleague and practice your specialty on nights/weekends*

*applies to licensed clinicians

Make your hobbies work for you

Sell crafts on etsy

Refurbish and sell furniture

Sell your artwork at local art festivals

Teach piano, guitar, or other lessons

Photograph weddings, birthdays, or babies

Teach yoga

Sell based items or specialty foods at a Farmer’s Market or to your peers

Start an internet-based business

Create a YouTube channel with links to products

Become a staff writer for existing sites in your area of interest

Get involved in internet marketing

Start a blog (I read How to Start a Blog and Why You Should by Retire By 40)*

*Note, I spend more than 40 hours a week blogging. Although I treat blogging as a second full-time job (I’m also a psychologist), I don’t expect to break even on its expenses any time soon.

Offer a service in others’ homes

House sit




Clean homes

Pressure wash people’s homes/patios/driveways

Mow yards/Trim trees/Lay sod

Return to the work you enjoyed when you were younger


Waiting tables (esp. at high-end restaurant or where you will have “regulars”)

Part-time position at a theme-park (plus free passes!) Interestingly, my son’s teacher worked at one over the summer. I hear that a lot of teachers do this.

Lifeguarding or teaching swim lessons

Working at your favorite store or movie theater for a discount

Take advantage of new markets

Driving for a ride-sharing company

Food delivery

Package delivery

Warehouse for major on-line retailer or package delivery service

Or volunteer for perks

If you can’t afford to attend local festivals, fairs, concerts, or sporting events, try volunteering. Although this may not make money, you’ll get free admission and maybe also a free lunch!


What things have you done to make more money?

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