Inpsiring Reads: February 2019

February was a good month. The holidays are over (I don’t consider Valentine’s Day a holiday,  but I do celebrate Groundhog’s Day) and Spring is nearly here.

Time is precious. When I read blogs, I look for articles that inspire and motivate me to move closer to my values and goals. Here are my top picks for February 2019.

This month’s Inspiring Reads is dedicated to two influential people in my life. Today is my mother’s birthday. Yesterday was the birthday of my bestie from junior high, Alana. Happy birthday Mom and Lani! You have each inspired me to continue to work toward becoming a better person.


Here are 7 articles I hope will inspire others to make some positive changes in both their personal and financial lives.

Why Did I Buy That?

by Your Money Blueprint

I am absolutely fascinated by the psychology behind marketing. This article by Your Money Blueprint takes me back to my Psych 101 classes in undergrad. We can’t be reminded enough of these powerful and largely effective tactics used by companies to get us to buy.


The Undisciplined Life is Not Worth Living

By Peerless Money Mentor

The FIRE Lane mentioned this post on the 1/4/19 Best of the Web at Your Money Geek. But in case you missed it, it’s worth mentioning again.

If you are looking for motivation to stay focused on your personal and financial goals? If you are an undisciplined gym membership holder, writer, athlete, or money geek, this post is for you. Peerless Money Mentor provides tips on how to live a more disciplined life. Check out the videos of LeBron James asking Warren Buffet for investing advice and of Jay-Z’s motivating words.


Why Is It So Hard to Get Started and How to Be Productive

A Women’s Money Talk feature by JJ at The Financial Graduate

As a working mom with three kids who is actively making life changes to prioritize her own wellness, this post resonated with me. JJ lays out strategies for becoming more productive, including increasing awareness, tracking your time, prioritizing, and staying focused. I am always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder.


Living Below Your Means: What Does it Really Mean?

by Heartland on FIRE

With easy access to credit, many of us don’t realize that being able to afford the monthly payment isn’t the same as being able to afford a purchase. It’s easy for us to lose sight of when we start living above our means. Here are signs you may be living below your means, as well as signs you may be living within your means.


Never Underestimate Your Ability to Adapt

by Dave at Accidental FIRE

I needed this inspiration, Dave! Sometimes we get so comfortable that change seems unattainable. A reminder of our ability to adapt (especially when, like me, you’re attempting to make some major lifestyle changes including diet and exercise) is always welcome.


How to Be an Ace Negotiator

Featured on Rockstar Finance by Chief Money Man

Some people believe that psychologists have some secret ability to get others to do what they want. Aside from my natural beauty and charm, I’m sorry to say that I have no such power. I am quite skilled at controlling my emotions and actively listening, but many of these strategies are new to me. I am going to practice the “pause” and “anchoring” techniques. Thanks, Chief Money Man!


RAK Challenge

by Life for the Better

February 17th was Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Day. Some of my goals this year include being a better friend and being generous. Life for the Better challenges us to do RAK this month. I love the list of 28 RAK we can do in February.

What inspired you this February?

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