Inspiring Reads: January 2019

January was about a new start. As we ushered in the new year, many people reevaluate their goals, clearing out the old, and making way for the new. Here are 6 inspiring reads from around the web that I found in January 2019.

Inspiring January

January is a big month in my house. As we rang in the New Year I decluttered my home, reevaluated my values and goals, adjusted my yearly budget, and celebrated all three of  my children’s birthdays. It was an expensive month, but also a productive one. 

Consistent with the themes of minimalism, doing my best for my children, and savings goals, here are some of the readings that inspired me this past month.


Save Money, Save the World, Save Yourself

17 Ways Minimalism Saves Money and Saves the Planet

By The Do Something Project

We minimalists love things that serve multiple purposes. Minimalism itself does this by saving money and reducing our footprint on this earth. The Do Something Project succinctly summarizes some of the many ways our lives (and arguably the world) can benefit from less quantity and more quality.

New ‘Planetary Health Diet’ Can Save Lives and The Planet, Major Review Suggests


We all know that less red meat and sugars, and more fruits, vegetables, and nuts is good for our health. But research suggest it may also be necessary for the health of our planet. According to a study by Dr. Walter Willett and colleagues in The Lancet, The Planetary Health Diet recommends we decrease consumption of beef, lamb, pork and sugar by 50% and increasing plant-based foods could reduce premature deaths, malnutrition (including in those who are overweight), water use, emissions, pollution and climate change. I argue that a plant-based diet may even be less expensive than one centered around meats and processed foods.

Teaching Children about Money

Should We Hide Our Money Problems From the Kids

By Women Who Money

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as I grew up during a time when adults did not talk about money in front of kids. As a result, children did not learn about money (at least I didn’t, anyway). My generation has grown into adults who purchase vehicles that cost as much as their annual salaries while they are living paycheck to paycheck. “Protecting” children from knowing about money may contribute to financial illiteracy — and potentially a lifetime of debt. Women Who Money discuss how to talk to children of different age groups about money to prepare them for life.

7 of the Best Business Simulation Games for Kids

By Money Prodigy

Speaking of teaching kids about money, Money Prodigy identifies games that do just that. I’m not someone who plays games, so I hadn’t realized how many there are that are not only fun, but also educational. I love these ideas (and think some adults might benefit from them, too).

Reaching Our Financial Goals

2019 Resolutions You Can’t Afford to Blow

by Gary at Super Saving Tips

Everyone wants to save more money, pay down debt, and spend less. But as Gary points out, these resolutions often fail unless they are turned into concrete goals. This year, be SMART and use the Debt Avalanche, Debt Snowball, or Automated savings to help you reach your financial goals.

The War Between Delayed and Instant Gratification

by Peerless Money Mentor

Delayed gratification is hard, but not as hard as staying on the “hamster wheel” of work forever. Peerless Money Mentor shows how instant gratification can derail the desire to reach financial independence. Having nice things is not wrong, but when you are drowning in debt, spending money on them should not be a priority! The key is always balance. Tomorrow is never guaranteed but as long as it fits in with your plans for FI, go ahead and treat yourself.


What inspires you?

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    1. Hi Jerry! Peerless Money Mentor has become one of my favorite blogs. I was struggling to decide between this article and The Unknown Variables of Life. Both are great. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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