Inspiring Reads: March 2019

Although I previously wrote about reducing commitments at work, this month I have been taking on more than might be healthy. I became a trainer for other providers at my facility, am becoming certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, am helping the Cancer Committee reach goals for our facility, and (foolishly) agreed to give multiple presentations. My stress level is reaching it’s max!  This month I was particularly inspired by readings about decisions we make in our career, doing meaningful work, and, of course, pursuing financial independence.

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Decisions at Work

Does Complaining Hurt Your Career

by Full Time Finance

We can all find something about which to complain. One of the most important attributes of a good worker is deciding to not complain. If there is a problem, present at solution. Don’t just whine about it. This is something I remind myself often. Thank you Full Time Finance for reminding us of the difference between actionable complaints and being a whiney-pants.

How Getting Promoted Complicates Early Retirement Plans

by Abandoned Cubicle

Whether to seek advancement in my day job has been a question which with I have been struggling. Since having my third child, I have stopped seeking career advancement. Don’t confuse that with slowing down. Instead, I have been putting more effort into my physical health and mental wellbeing, my children and husband, and my other passions (e.g., The Debt Shrink).

Doing Meaningful Work

Examining the Role Financial Independence Plays in a Good Life

by Zach at Four Pillar Freedom

While many people strive for the autonomy afforded by financial independence, it’s easy to lose sight of other components to a good life. Zach reminds us of the importance of connecting with others and engaging in meaningful work.

Instead of Pursuing FIRE, I’m Choosing EWYD (Enjoy What You Do)

by Invested Wallet

I always say that while I do strive for financial independence, I don’t plan to retire early. Like Todd at Invested Wallet, I am also putting greater effort into enjoying what I do.

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Get Back to Basics of Personal Finance

People Want Results But Don’t Want to Change

by ESI Money

As a psychologist who has devoted my career to empowering people to make positive changes in life, this topic is one that resonates with me. There’s no magic pill that will make you thin. And no one’s going to wave a wand and make you rich. “If you want to reach a goal, develop a plan and take action.”

Why Is Taking On Debt (Even Good Debt) Such a Problem?

by Women Who Money

I know people who recommend taking out “good” debt for various reasons. Some think taking out money against your shelter and with the hopes of making more money in the stock market is wise. I think it’s quite foolish. Debt is debt in my eyes. I don’t want to owe anyone anything. In this post, Laurie at Women’s Money Talk explains why debt has become such a problem.

Are You a Nerd about Finances? Check Out Your Money Geek

The Zebra interviews Your Money Geek

Michael Dinich (aka Your Money Geek) has changed my perspective on personal finance. During this interview, he provides an insightful perspective on seeing the larger picture when it comes to personal finance. He shares how you don’t have to cut back on coffee or deprive yourself of life’s niceties in order to achieve financial independence.


What inspired you this month?

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