Inspiring Reads: November 2018

November was a good month. I live in the USA where we celebrated Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. November is also Hospice and Palliative Care month. Thinking about what makes me grateful, I recall not only my friends and family, but also people who have inspired me. Here are the most inspirational posts I read in November 2018. I hope you enjoy them.

You may remember that I am a psychologist, but may not have known that I specialize in working with Veterans to help them cope with diagnoses of life-threating illnesses and improve their quality of life. My role includes working with patients transitioning from curative treatment to palliative care or hospice.

While it’s truly rewarding work and my calling in life, it can also be emotionally taxing. Helping people ease physical or emotional suffering or try to reconcile past traumas at end of life is not always easy work. Which is why I aim for financial independence. It’s also why I’ve embraced minimalism to manage stress and remove everything from my life that does not add value. As I have said before, I have to feel that I am going into work each day because I choose to be there, not because I have to.

Knowing a little about my background, maybe you can see why these posts from around the web inspired me this month.

Not Wanting Something is as Good as Having It

Zach of Four Pillar Freedom writes about how to seek peace with less. As he puts it “What we’re all after isn’t stuff, it’s the feeling that we think that stuff will give us…” Important for us to keep in mind when we’re asked what we want this holiday season.

Doing Less + A Lesson in Self Worth

Women’s Money Talk featured a post by Jennifer of Simply + Fiercly about the importance of rest and reflection.

What Makes You Happy

Time in the Market wants to retire early and have fun doing it. He was inspired to interview others to ask “What Makes You Happy.” This month’s interview with Michael Dinich of Your Money Geek struck me. A former Combat Medic in the Army, Mike spoke about how his experiences affect his view of happiness.

Learning and Relearning Gratitude

Dragon Gal of The Dragons on Fire wrote a guest post on gratitude for Melody at Her Designed Life. I was moved by the story of how her life has changed since her husband was diagnosed with cancer age at 34.

How you Can Win at Living with Next to Nothing

Tuppennny of Tuppennys FIREplace started out as a single teenage mom. She had no money and no credit. Yet she found a way to make ends meet, and even save money. She shares how those with little money can still succeed by planning ahead, cutting expenses, and simplifying your life.

Before You Buy Your Kids a Bunch of Toys for Christmas, Read This

Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist cites a replication and expansion of a 1999 study that suggests there are actually benefits to having fewer toys.

Retail Tricks that Make You Spend More Money Part 1 & Part 2

The psychologist in me loves learning about the tricks retailers use to get us to spend more money. Thanks Gary Weiner for compiling these Super Saving Tips.


What inspired you in November?


4 thoughts on “Inspiring Reads: November 2018”

  1. Thanks for including my posts! I’m eager to check out the other posts as well.

    Your work sounds like it can be very difficult, but very important and rewarding. I can understand why financial independence would be something you value.

    1. Hi Gary! Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed reading your posts on retail tricks. A lot of people can benefit from this info, especially during the holiday shopping season when stores are working extra hard to increase sales. With your tips, I won’t let the holidays stand in the way of my goals for financial freedom.

  2. Hi DS, I am so honored and touched by being included in this list! It really means so much that you read my post on Melody’s blog and that resonated with you. Cheers, Dragon Gal

    1. Hi Dragon Gal. I actually started to get a little teary-eyed reading it. Thank you for sharing your story, and thanks to Melody for her features on gratitude. Truly inspiring.

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