8 Party Foods to Please Any Crowd

‘Tis the season for parties. Whether you will be hosting or attending a get-together, chances are you are thinking about the food. It’s the most important part of any occasion. Here are 8 foods you can bring to any party that are sure to be crowd pleasers, and 3 things to leave at home.

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Are you Wasting Money on Unwanted Gifts?

Are you one of the thousands of people going into debt to spend money on unwanted gifts? Most people will receive a gift this year that they do not want. We could all take a lesson from minimalists and rethink the way we view stuff. Here are some gift ideas inspired by minimalists that others may appreciate (and some gifts that I would avoid buying).

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Inspiring Reads: November 2018

November was a good month. I live in the USA where we celebrated Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. November is also Hospice and Palliative Care month. Thinking about what makes me grateful, I recall not only my friends and family, but also people who have inspired me. Here are the most inspirational posts I read in November 2018. I hope you enjoy them.

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Why I Stopped Budgeting for Gifts to Save Money

Many people ask how much they should budget for gifts. This way of thinking can be dangerous. If you have a budget, you are likely to spend all that you had planned, and probably more. Instead of making a budget, I found it helpful to make a list and stick to it. A good rule for kids is one thing they want, one they need, one to wear, and one to read.

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10 Gifts That Save Money

If you know someone who is frugal, minimalist, zero-waste, or just practical, chances are you struggle to find them a gift that they will love and is consistent with their values. One thing everyone has in common is that we all love to save money. Gift cards are great, but I feel awkward exchanging envelopes during the holidays. Here are 10 gifts that people will love and can save them money.

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Reasons to be Thankful: How the Other Half Really Live

Happy Thanksgiving! I love taking a glimpse into other people’s lives. As an American, I am aware that my life is very different from most people who live on this earth. But I never realize how different until just recently. While many of us are striving to be in the “top 1%,” we lose sight of the fact that we’re already among the wealthiest people in this world. Here’s a little Social Comparison to help keep things in perspective to how the other half live.
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7 Things I Don’t Buy for the Holidays

The day after Halloween, one of our local radio stations switched to 24/7 Christmas music. The day after Veteran’s Day, our nation’s flag was replaced with wreaths all around the city. It’s not even Thanksgiving, yet Christmas trees are on display at the mall and holiday music is playing throughout stores. Instead of getting me into the “holiday spirit,” it’s getting me disappointed in the commercialization of our holidays. While I love giving my children gifts for Christmas, here are 7 things I don’t buy for the holidays.

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