To Sell or Donate?

I get giddy over community yard sale day. Just as I love looking into people’s grocery carts, I also love walking around my neighborhood and looking at all the stuff for sale that people let into their lives that’s no longer of use. I actually get disappointed when I miss this day. But this year I tried something new. Instead of donating it, I tried to sell stuff I don’t need. How did it go? Is it better to sell or donate?

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They Put What In Candy Corn?

With Halloween right around the corner, Americans will purchase 600 million pounds of candy. The most popular candy bought during the Halloween season is my personal favorite Candy Corn. Candy Corn is the most divisive candy there is -you either LOVE it or HATE it! I have always loved it and its many iterations, but after watching an old episode of Good Eats I found out what it was made of. Here are some Halloween treats (and one trick) you can make at home.

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ACT to Save Money from a Psychologist’s Perspective

Inspired by a form of psychotherapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), I’ve changed my thinking about personal finances from “how can I save more?” to “what do I value in life?“. Here’s how you can build a better life based on your values, and save money in the process.

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Grocery Haul: $60.43 for Family of 5!

A guilty pleasure of mine is looking in people’s grocery carts. We’ve received a lot of great reactions to our budget of $100 per person per month for food. Some people have asked for specifics of what this looks like for our weekly shopping and meal plan. So here it is. This week, we followed the plan laid out in our previous post and only spent $60.43 on our grocery haul! And we had plenty of food left over! Here’s a peek into both my pantry and my grocery cart.
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Fewer than 1% Received Loan Forgiveness!

If you are relying on Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) for your federal student loans, know this. Data suggest that only 0.003% of applicants have had their loans forgiven! Here’s why many applications were denied. I also discuss my decision for paying off my loans without using a repayment program, thereby saving thousands of dollars in interest (and buying my freedom)!

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DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is huge in my family. Not only do the kids want costumes for trick-or-treating, but school has the Character Parade during which they dress up like a character from a book. Of course, the kids want different costumes for their character parade and trick-or-treating. I’m not about to buy two costumes each year. But I don’t sew. So we’ve started to get creative making DIY Halloween costumes with items we already had.

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My Month of Eating Junk: Is Fast Food Really Cheaper?

The average American eats fast food an estimated three times per week. This month, my family experimented with being normal. We ate fast food during weekend days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and a holiday off work) for an entire month. We recorded the effects it had on our wallets (and my waistline). Is fast food really cheaper than homemade meals?

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Cancer Awareness Month: Why I Won’t Quit my Day Job

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By night I am a personal finance blogger, but by day I am an oncology psychologist. I have devoted the past 15 years of my life to helping people who are living with cancer cope with their physical and emotional suffering and improve their quality of life. Although I do strive for financial independence, I’m not planning to retire early. Many people ask me how I do what I do. This is the story of why I do what I do.

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